how to get a skatepark in your town


The first step in the process is to recognise the need for a skatepark in your town. To get a new skatepark in your community, lots of work needs to be done.

Getting a new skatepark is not quick and easy. It takes time, dedication and hard work, but it is possible. New skateparks open across the country each month.

Many community led groups have achieved their goal of a new skatepark, you can too.

Not everyone is up for the challenge. If you're not, that's okay. If you are, brilliant. Do not sit there feeling like you have to do all the work yourself, you do not need to work alone on this. Big projects are easier to achieve if you work together with a group of people.


We want to help you by sharing information, providing advice, guidance and our experience in skatepark development.

Ultimately, this is YOUR park and the project will succeed because of your hard work.


In the last decade, skateparks have become one of the most popular choices for new recreational facilities. With one-in-six youth today skateboarding and BMX riding being very popular - you and I recognize that skaters and BMX riders need safe, accessible places to partake in these sports, but not everybody does… at least not yet. Some people don't even know that there are skateboarders in your town.

There are skateboarders and BMX riders, in every city and town.  Your town needs a skatepark because these local athletes are getting kicked out of their favorite places - some may sat creating a nuisance for non-skaters, and maybe even getting told off by the police… for being healthy, active and recreating in their community.


Skateboarding, BMX and other Urban Sports are something communities should be embracing, and a skatepark is absolutely the best way to do that.




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